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Leveling the Playing Field for Real Estate Development

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Aequo: verb, Latin
to level, to be equal

The Aequo Fund was established to level the playing field by providing capital, access, and support to black, brown, women, and immigrant developers so that they can be part of shaping our cities and neighborhoods.

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The Aequo Fund invests in Black, Brown, Women, and Immigrant Real Estate Developers, enabling them to launch their first project or expand their portfolios, with a focus on projects that promote affordable homeownership in urban communities.
The Aequo Foundation will provide scholarships beginning Fall 2023 for future developers from non-traditional backgrounds seeking Masters Degrees in Real Estate.

About Aequo
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Learn the stories of the Aequo Developers through short documentaries highlighting their journey into real estate development

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Funding Higher Education in Real Estate

Aequo Scholarships provide financial support to individuals who are pursing a Master's degree in Real Estate Development. By reducing the financial strain of pursuing higher education, The Aequo Foundation is making the field more accessible to developers from all backgrounds

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The Aequo Fund invests in Baltimore, Maryland; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Buffalo, New York; Memphis, Tennessee; Richmond, Virginia; and Portland, Maine.

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behind the fund

Ernst Valery

Equity and inclusion is a passion for Ernst Valery. A successful real estate developer with properties in Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, and New York., Ernst is committed to development without displacement. He is also active in social entrepreneurship and volunteer work, including a collaboration with MIT CoLab and efforts  incubating businesses around the world, with a focus on alleviating poverty and increasing the earning potential of low income individuals, families, and communities.

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Aequo in the Press

We are grateful that the work of our Developers, Investors, and the Aequo Fund as a whole does not go unnoticed. Leading publications have spoken about Aequo's impact within our target communities and beyond

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