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Changing the Face of Real Estate Development

The Aequo Fund, an initiative supported by SAA | EVI, is focused on providing opportunities and financial support to people who are traditionally underrepresented in real estate development.


Our Goals

The Mission of Aequo is to create a community development initiative that will result in positive race and wealth equity outcomes from increased neighborhood stabilization, minority homeownership, and job creation

Increase Diversity in Real Estate Development

By providing capital to developers who may have trouble accessing traditional financing

Drive Neighborhood Stabilization and Growth

By expanding developer and small business owner capacity through access to resources and targeted support

Establish a Robust Development Ecosystem

By creating networks of resources and knowledge for developers, business owners, and individuals

Support Local & Community Organizations

By complementing local community growth, workforce development, and financial education programs

Improve the Affordable Housing Inventory

By increasing affordable homeownership opportunities and financial education in under-financed communities

Foster a Network of Apprenticeship

By fostering apprenticeship opportunities outside and within the developer community


Unique Apartment Formats

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Our Programs

The Aequo Fund

The Aequo Fund will invest $5 million into real estate development projects led by Black, Brown, Women, and Immigrant developers, concentrated within five US cities: Baltimore, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Portland, and Richmond. In addition to a focus on increasing diversity in the development space, The Aequo fund is specifically interested in projects that create affordable housing inventory, foster stronger community ties, and leverage partnerships with community organizations.

In addition to the capital allocated by the fund, The Aequo Fund is working towards

  • Increasing the stock of affordable homes in urban communities
  • Fostering a network of partnerships between businesses, schools, and communities organizations
  • Creating a pipeline of homeowners through educational programs, city housing initiatives, and engaging private lenders
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Aequo Development Scholarships

The Aequo Foundation recognizes that in order to increase representation in development, more minority and women developers need to be able to pursue higher education in Real Estate Development. The Aequo Foundation offers $1,500 micro-grants to cover course materials or technology costs associated with school.

Eligible applicants should be...

  • Pursuing a Master's Degree in Real Estate Development
  • Part of a group that is under-represented in the development space
  • Have demonstrable financial need to offset the cost of technology or course materials
  • Commit to receive and provide mentorship to other members of the cohort
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Basic values of our company are honesty, innovativeness and openness

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SAA | EVI develops real estate and invests in ventures that benefit urban communities

We believe in achieving the balance between solid financial returns and inclusive community and economic development. With a diverse portfolio across real estate, small businesses, and community ventures, SAA | EVI is committed to development without displacement.

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Our Developers

When selecting developers for investment, the Aequo foundation looks for developers who may have a hard time accessing traditional financing, are working on projects that strengthen their local communities, and that foster job creation in the surrounding area

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