Ernst Valery

CEO, Aequo Fund
Managing Member, SAA | EVI

Equity and inclusion is a passion for Ernst Valery.

The Aequo Fund is the platform created and led by Ernst to level the playing field and give access to the most vulnerable and excluded by traditional capital institutions and the processes they created to marginalize minorities of color, women and immigrants from impacted countries.  Aequo will work tirelessly to provide access that will lead to diversity in development, resulting in healthier communities. 

The Aequo fund underwrites mission, capacity and integrity

Mr Ernst Valery is a co-managing member of SAA | EVI and shares overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations and execution of SAA | EVI projects and relationships. Mr. Valery has successfully invested in and developed real estate in Maryland; Washington, D.C.; Pennsylvania; Virginia; California; and New York. For the past 16 years, he has been involved with development projects ranging from mixed-use, multi-tenant rental properties, single-family renovations and condominium conversions.

Development without Displacement

Mr. Valery is the founder and president of SAA | EVI affiliate Ernst Valery Investments Corp. (EVI), a private, minority-owned real estate investment firm established in 2001. EVI invests in select underserved and undervalued key emerging domestic real estate markets, defined as urban transitional areas with high residential and retail demand. Mr. Valery has extensive experience in affordable and market rate housing development and investment, including providing due diligence capabilities and extensive skills in budget planning, design development, marketing, and the supervision and guidance of contractors, architects and engineers. He is responsible for the securing and structuring of financing, including expertise in securing Historic and New Markets tax credits.

Mr. Valery is also active in social entrepreneurship and volunteer work, including a collaboration with a team of professionals and graduates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Community Innovators Lab (MIT CoLab) as well as efforts at incubating businesses around the world that help alleviate poverty and increase the earning potential of low income individuals, families, and communities.

Building the Future

Mr. Valery graduated from Columbia University’s Master of Science program in Real Estate Development. He also obtained a Master’s Degree in Policy Analysis and Public Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Urban and Regional Planning with a concentration in International Relations, both from Cornell University. Ernst is also a Mel King Community Fellow at MITs CoLab.

About Apartment

Luxury Apartments
5678 Seltice Way Coeur D Alene

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Living Room
Master Bathroom
186 Sq. Ft.
132 Sq. Ft.
59 Sq.Ft
73 Sq. Ft.
1034 Sq. Ft.
1242 Sq. Ft.
2276 Sq.Ft

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